Parenting Education Practice Committee (PEPC)


The purpose of the Parenting Education Practice Committee (PEPC) is to enhance the practice and effectiveness of parenting education. The committee focuses on issues relevant to practitioners, programs, and the field of parenting education. Activities of the committee include things like advising on guidance, policies, and professional development. The committee also serves to enhance communication between the field and MDE.

The tabs below include some of the topics discussed by the PEPC.

PEPC Topics

2019-24 ECFE Enhancement Plan

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A draft of the 2019-24 plan is available by clicking on the link above. This document contains 6 focus areas with Guiding Principles and Strategies. With the goal of releasing a final document this fall, 2018, we will use three focus groups to provide feedback and additional content. The PEPC group is one focus group.

  1. Create small group (can be PEPC members and/or parenting educators from neighboring districts)
  2. Create meeting times to work on plan
  3. Examine wording on the 6 focus areas. Do they capture what ECFE needs to focus on? Are they broad enough?
  4. Examine Guiding Principles. Are they principles or statements? Principles should reflect our values/priorities. What is missing? What should be restated or emphasized?
  5. Dig into strategies. This will be most important part because we need to create impactful strategies for field. We will name the strategies in the 2019-24 documents. Resources will be created to support the strategies (e.g., the parenting educator roles and responsibilities document we worked on will be included as a resource to support a strategy).
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