Health System


"Pediatric primary care practices have taken on the responsibility to be the medical home for children from birth through young adulthood. These settings offer a consistent, trusted,and supportive context in which parents and children are welcomed and encouraged to raise a wide range of concerns and to access a variety of preventive and treatment approaches. Almost all children in the United States have a primary care medical home and see a physician frequently during their first few years—for monitoring health, growth, and development, and for providing parental guidance." (p. 637)
- Perrin, Leslie, and Boat (2016). Parenting as Primary Intervention. JAMA Pediatrics, 170 (7). p. 637-638.

Early Childhood Family Education programs should consider ways of collaborating with local health care providers. The purpose of this page is to provide administrators with information and resources to help facilitate partnerships and collaborations.

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