Family Outcomes Group


The Family Outcomes Group works to help Head Start staff foster strong relationships with families and understand the impact on children by weaving our outcomes together to tell a more complete and accurate story.

2017 Tasks

  1. Make sure your name and email are on the Members section of our page. Email additions/edits to su.nm.etats|nworb.p.ekim#su.nm.etats|nworb.p.ekim
  2. Contribute to the Action items (on the Action tab)
  3. Determine how your program can utilize the Family Engagement professional learning modules Click Here
  4. Free training opportunity - Parent Management Training - Oregon model Click Here for flier

Family Outcomes Components



Rating Scale

IV. Food (Family Well-Being)

  1. My family has no food or means to prepare it. We’re hungry all the time.
  2. My family has limited food. We often skip meals, we are hungry often. By the end of the month we run out of food. Regular usage food support.
  3. My family makes it through the month with assistance or outside resources. Needs occasional food support.
  4. Can meet basic food needs without assistance.
  5. Can choose to purchase without assistance any food, and household desires.


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