ECFE Curriculum


ECFE programs rely on the Parent Education Core Curriculum Framework to guide their curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation. The Parent Education Core Curriculum Framework is not a prescribed curriculum, rather it “provides a framework that defines and places parameters around the core content – what we teach – in parent education” (p. 2). The framework is “based on the assumption that parent educators should have autonomy and exercise creativity in assessing the specific and unique needs and expectations of each parent and parent group with whom they work and in designing curriculum and selecting resources to best meet their needs and expectations” (p. abstract).

The specific goals of the Parent Education Core Curriculum Framework are to provide a resource that:

  1. Frames or defines the body of knowledge in the field of parent education.
  2. Is applicable across the field of parent education with any type of parent education program, population, setting and delivery mode.
  3. Is a planning tool for development and delivery of parent education curriculum and lesson plans.
  4. Identifies the intended content and objectives of parent education, originally designed for Early Childhood Family Education and Even Start in Minnesota.
  5. Provides guidance for parent goal setting in parent education.
  6. Guides assessment of parent education outcomes and programs.
  7. Promotes accountability in parent education programs and with individual parent educators.
  8. Informs practice in parent education.

Access the framework on the Parent Education Core Curriculum Framework page of the MNAFEE website.

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