2016 FEI: Building and Leading Rigorous and Robust PreK-3 Family Engagement

September 29, 2016, from 9:30 to 3:00, at the Minnesota Department of Education

Lead. Learn. Build. The theme of the fall institute is "Lead. Learn. Build." There are two main concepts driving the design of this institute: Edcamps and Leadership from the Middle (LTM). The fall Family Engagement Institute is an Edcamp hybrid. The day will be driven by participants: there will be a series of group discussions on family engagement topics that will be facilitated by participants. The information generated by these discussions will help us complete the family engagement online course. By collaboratively building a professional learning system, the result will be a Minnesota-built online course that will help districts and community partners create and implement authentic, effective family engagement systems.

To see current progress on the learning modules, go to the Family Engagement page (modules are listed under Online Course)

Participants Will:

  • Discuss a variety of topics related to family engagement with other practitioners,
  • Exchange ideas and build relationships with others committed to family engagement,
  • Identify key topics, issues, and resources related to the work of family engagement,
  • Discuss tools, skills and approaches to effectively engage families,
  • Create ways to work in collaboration with others in their community,
  • Help move our work from planning to action,
  • Contribute to the design of an online course tailored to Minnesota schools, and
  • Revitalize ourselves for the family engagement work yet to be done!


Go to the Family Engagement page (modules are listed under Online Course)

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