2015 Parenting Education Institute

June 4, 2015, at the Minnesota Department of Education



The goal of the 2015 Parenting Education Institute is to bring parent and family educators together for discussions on the practice and future of parenting education. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with other practitioners on a variety of topics related to the practice and delivery of parenting education. Participants will:

  • Connect with each other and topic presenters to exchange ideas and build relationships with others committed to parent education,
  • Explore new tools, skills and approaches to thinking about and delivering parent education,
  • Create ways to work in collaboration with others in their community to deliver parent and family education,
  • Assess/evaluate ideas, programs and delivery of parent education,
  • Share successful parent education initiatives and find alternative solutions to tough problems,
  • Celebrate the good work being done in parenting education, and
  • Renew themselves for the parenting education work yet to be done!


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